Korea is Finally Giving a Damn!

So here we are 65 years later. The tables are slowly starting to turn on the unstoppable kingpins of the adoption empire.  Adoption agencies and  adoptive parents who called all the shots on- getting as many children as fast as possible as much as they wanted with no limits- for the past 6 decades are having to go down on their knees and beg to the higher ups. It’s about time the MOHW arm of the Korean government and local governments take back control over adoptions. They blatantly relinquished it to private adoption agencies who did nothing but abuse their power when greed took over their good intentions, and this is the sad state of affairs we are in now with the aftermath of reckless adoption practices. It’s all to save children pro-adoption supporters say, even though lawmakers like Nam InSoon are the ones implementing laws to protect children from potential abuse. A very hard and dark reality of adoption that Korea is finally finally finally taking seriously. Of course the pushback will be there from the pro-adoption side of MPAK based in America! Abuse rarely happens in adoption and mostly in biological families they say. Well get this- Korean culture is a bloodline mentality and they know that a child that is not biologically related will be treated differently, and it’s even allowed because bloodline means everything. No need to pretend otherwise. Koreans go hard on bloodline, if you’re not my flesh and blood, I don’t have to treat you the same as if you were. Adoptive parents claim they do otherwise, but the unfair treatment that countless adoptees (in and out of the closet) had to endure for decades says Koreans are right and they make no apologies for it.  Having said that, I do believe Koreans care about adoptees. But, and a very big but- they first must understand the magnitude of adoptees’ situation and how serious it is, and how much we have had to suffer. All this time they thought we were living the American dream. Abuse or loss of birth family, didn’t even enter their minds. They are finally starting to get it and damn it’s about time. It is interesting to note that Representative Nam did not take strong action to change adoption laws until the death of Eunbi in 2016 who was domestically adopted in Korea. This so outraged Koreans that they did a year long, in depth investigation comprised of lawmakers, civic groups and legal professionals and now furiously proposing the law revisions to protect children. Why did the death of Hyunsu not cause any changes or an uproar in Korea back in 2014? Could it be that the Korean government didn’t want to upset their foreign allies who run their adoption agencies who have been the means for them to rid their country of their unwanted children? Perhaps the sad case of Eunbi is the wake up call Korea needed and this time there was no Holt adoption agency to bow down to.


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